Five Major Network Security Trends

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‘Securing a computer network require mastery of many skills and concept’ Mike Chapple confirmed, an expert on sister site search

Many agree that the major driver in the transformation of the best IT companies philadelphia regardless whether is the user, vendor, and partners is the third platform which translated to lay man language is the social media, cloud, mobility, data centers and networks. And it not only transform the IT industry but the industry at large. This is why there is necessity of a manage service provider. They have taken a look in the market and noted the 5 major security network trend that will help in technology and business up rise.

Matt Hurley, a corporate VP in Global Channels, Juniper network explains how most businesses and individuals have embraced the technology translating to more opportunities to the Managed IT service provider. He also goes further by explaining what is expected in the market and why the managed service providers are dealing with such technology. He talks about why there is need of such shift.

The virtual data center and cloud, it became popular last year 2015 and now it has been embraced by most business people. Virtual is much safer in terms of security and one can be able access data from anywhere as long as there is internet. It is convenient because one can work with other people on one document even if they are in different geographical areas. As long as you are unauthorized you cannot access the company’s data. Giving most businesses protection assurance.

People don’t want lock- in. Customers’ demands tend to change dynamically and there is need to be as flexible as possible. It is very wise to avoid lock-ins to allow the industrial shift to occur. Allow flexibility, openness because this is what the business need. This will help in the competitive edge.

Customize one network. It is marketable when the managed service provider provides a network that is relevant to your business hence it is very effective and one can work to get the next level. This gives the small business an upper hand and they are capable to compete on the field with the large corporates.

Automation. We don’t have the time to keep on looking for the updates and update our software that is a necessity in the company. The automation capability saves on time as well as your business. Being updated is the key to your success. If you working with digital equipment, by now you know a lot changes in the market and now you can automatically update. Not only that but also automation in delivery services to the customers.

This means businesses have greater degree of vertical expertise. These are the designed solutions for individual network. We have seen the rise of SDN (software defined networking), NFV (network function virtualization) they have taken the channel to become more open, flexible, scalable and integrated which is necessary for a business to prosper.

These major network security trends will definitely play a crucial role in the coming days.